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Howard’s Creek Beer Cheese

Menu Item Types: Appetizers

Howard’s Creek Authentic Beer Cheese has numerous awards from competitions against other beer cheese makers since its’ debut’ in 2009 from The Best Beer Cheese to the Best of Show for booth presentation.

Striving to bring you the Best Beer Cheese you can buy.  Being a cheese manufacture is all about cheese making and producing the best beer cheese product possible.

Commercially produced Authentic Beer Cheese consists of sharp cheddar cheese, beer, spices and garlic.  It does not have a strong beer or garlic influence.  It peaks out in heat and flavor after 7 to 10 days.  The original “Snappy Cheese” and Authentic Beer Cheese has only ONE heat.  It’s not too mild, it’s not too hot, it’s just right.  It’s a Sharp cheddar cheese with a cayenne finish.  When we make beer cheese it is mixed in small 20 lb batches, hand packed, refrigerated and traditionally served with club crackers, radishes, celery, carrots or seasonal fresh vegetables.  (Check out our recipe page for ways to cook with the Authentic Beer Cheese). This is what you will find with Howard’s Creek Authentic Beer Cheese.