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Ed-Mar Dairy Cheese

Menu Item Types: Appetizers
Ed-Mar Dairy Cheese

Eddie Gibson is a 4th generation dairy farmer. Ed-Mar Dairy cows enjoy a comfortable clean environment in Walton, KY. The cows are milked twice daily producing the highest quality of milk each day…perfect for making Ed-Mar Dairy’s Farmstead Cheese!

Banklick Cream is our version of a Cotswold. It has a creamy texture and a subtle flavor with hints of vanilla and caramel. Adds a punch to a creamy cheese sauce or makes a great grilled cheese sandwich. All of our Banklick cheeses are great for cooking as it melts well and holds its own in the heat.

Pairs well with white wines, Kentucky Ale or light beer.

Kenton County Colby is our only American-style cheese. It is crafted in the traditional Wisconsin method. Nuttier in flavor than mass-produced Colby, our version has deeper flavor without the waxy texture. Melts well and makes exceptional macaroni and cheese.

Maddie’s Gold is our rendition of a traditional Double Gloucester. It is a semi-hard cheese with an earthy flavor and a slight tang similar to sharp cheddar. The wonderful rind that develops on this cheese makes it easy to grate on tomato soup, tacos or scrambled eggs.
Pairs well with stout, port and quality red wines.

Garden Herb is a flavorful cheese that begins with our Banklick Cream. Creamy and nutty with the addition of thyme, rosemary, basil and savory. Melts beautifully and adds a light herbal note to creamy baked pasta.

Banklick Pub is a creamy Cotswold with the addition of flavorful chives and onions. It’s the perfect compliment to quiche or a grilled burger. Good company for the softer and milder cheese on your cheese board

Edmar Dairy Cheeses