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Special Events

Live Music from Anna Z & Chandler

Start Date: March 24, 2018
Time: 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM

Live Music from Anna Z & Chandler

Anna Z & Chandler play 5:30 to 7:30

Wine Tasting 11 to 8 Pack a picnic or purchase local made cheese, summer sausage, pretzels or chocolate in the tasting room.

More about Anna


There are those who sing and then there are those who were born to sing. Anna Zaccaria was born to sing. Anna started singing when she was 3 years old, even at 3 she had a natural vibrato in her voice. The first songs she learned to sing were Kentucky Waltz and Summertime. At age 5 she started singing on stage with her grandfathers Bluegrass band. Together they toured all over the state of Pennsylvania & all the while Anna was gaining an appreciation and love for music. When Anna was 10 years old she sang the National Anthem for the first time in front of thousands. Last year Anna landed a solo at the State Theatre with Disney’s Jodi Benson.
2014…Anna Zaccaria is “discovered” the good old fashioned way…YouTube!! A family friend mentioned her to the head of A&R at Long Island Records and he in turn checked YouTube and the rest so they say, is history.
What we discovered is a 13 year old girl that has a silky smoothe voice well beyond her years. As a label we look for the X factor, that one thing that seperates a vocalist from all the rest. In Anna Z we have found that magic!!
She enjoys singing several genres of music which include pop, cross over country and soul. There are several artists that have inspired Anna over the years. Artists like Adele, Carrie Underwood, Rihanna and Amy Winehouse.
We encourage you to stick around and keep an eye on the development of this outstanding young vocalist
Annas story :
Anna Z started life alone. She was born in Esquintia, Guatemala where she lived the first 15 months of her life in an orphanage in a very depressed area of Guatemala City. The orphanage housed about 30 other children, all under the age of two. Tony and Wendy Zaccaria wanted a baby to share their life with…Anna came home with them to State College PA in 2002.

Tony’s dad was a Bluegrass musician and at age 7 little Anna started learning all of her grandfathers music. Anna began touring all over Pennsylvania with her grandfather , singing every weekend to a new audience.
When Anna was only 8 1/2 years old tragedy struck. Her beloved mentor , her grandfather was diagnosed with a brain tumor…9 months later he passed away.
After that Anna stopped singing. Her voice was silent as she dealt with the loss of the man that had inspired her love of music.

Enter Adele. The first time Anna heard Adele’s voice she felt that desire that drives so many in the muisc to dream. She began to sing again.
Fast forward to 2013. The head of A&R for The Lirco Music Group recieved an email from a friend in Pennsylvania. That friend mentioned Anna as a singer he might want to take a listen to. So after several views on YouTube a meeting was set. ” After the first note she sang I knew we had something” stated Dave Hufana, VP of A&R for The Lirco Music Group.

Today Anna Z is in development with The Lirco Music Group . Anna Z is a rare find in such a young performer, simply listen to her voice and you will understand why. The future is bright for The Amazing Anna Z.


Click HERE to hear Anna sing