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Brianza White Wines


Our 2016 Riesling is made from grapes sourced from the famed Finger Lakes region of New York. This Riesling is made in the dry style of German wineries that dot the hillsides of the Mosel Region. Notes of pear and apple. Enjoy! 57cases produced.


Our 2015 Chardonnay is from grapes sourced out of Washington. After fermentation, this chardonnay was left on the lees for an additional three weeks to provide rich flavor and mouthfeel. 100% stainless steel and bone dry. 101 cases produced. O

VIGNOLES 2016SweetScale2
A white French Hybrid that produces an excellent dry. If you like a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, you will love this wine. The nose exhibits tons of apricot and the mouth explodes with grapefruit and citrus notes. This is a terrific and refreshing summer wine. Brianza has 1200 Vignoles vines planted. 115 cases produced.

VIGNOLES 2015SweetScale3
90% Vignoles and 10% Riesling, our 2015 vintage balances the high acidity and citrus notes found in our 2014 Vignoles with the perfect touch of sweetness while maintaining a delightful level of crispness! 63 cases produced.


This seductive sultress teases with a semi-sweet personality and an aroma of peach. A blend of 93% White Zinfadel, 5% Vignoles, and 2% Peach. 134 cases produced. 


This delicate combination of Vidal Blanc and Riesling produces a smooth and enticing blend. Like a true Kentucky woman, she can be brought to any occasion and impress all with her elegance. Fruit forward on the nose and sweet to the taste. 105 cases produced.


A white blend of  50% Vidal Blanc, 10% Vignoles, 20% Riesling and 20% Cayuga. As the name states, this is a sweet wine. Almost dessert style. An easy drinking house wine that is perfect for many food groups or a glass by itself. 75 cases produced.

Brianza Red Wines


The Noiret grape is a French American Hybrid produced by Cornell University in 2006. Noiret has become a popular grape in the Midwest and Northeastern U.S. due to its cold tolerance, disease resistance, and ability to make a terrific wine. The Brianza 2016 Noiret is blended with 10% Cabernet Sauvignon and aged with medium toast oak chips. 186 cases produced.

CYNTHIANA 2014 SweetScale2

(also goes by the name “Norton”) is one of the few true native North American grapes. It is historically significant in that a  Dr. Norton first commercially cultivated this grape at Thomas Jefferson’s vineyard at Monticello. This was the dominant red grape used for wine in North America prior to prohibition. Today, it is still grown extensively in Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri. ON SALE FOR $10


86% Cabernet Sauvignon and 14% Marquette. Ripe plum and red cherry make a great easy drinking wine by itself or with a steak dinner. 135 cases produced.


This Stallion epitomizes the term suave and debonair. Bold black cherry, coupled with smooth oak undertones, create a lasting stamina on the palate. 100 cases produced.


Sweet Bottom Black is a walk on the dark side that will leave the taste of chocolate on the tip of your tongue. 65 cases produced.


Sweet Bottom Red is not for the faint of heart…a sweet sexy combination of Concord and blackberry to awaken your most primal instincts. 200 cases produced.


This unique blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Concord grapes really likes to mix it up! This sweet treat radiates cherry with a light touch of chocolate. Perfect for dessert.  71 cases produced



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Natural Wine Making at its Best

Our family owned winery is located on 18 acres in the rolling rich farm hills of northern Kentucky. Long traditions passed down through generations and a family heritage of wine lovers have combined with some of the richest farmed soil, creating the perfect setting for some of the best tasting wines. Our family history dates back generations from a little province town in Italy, called Brianza. Nestled between beautiful mountains and endless flatlands, Brianza has inspired us to share our traditions of wine making with you.

Today, our winery offers vineyard tours, wine tastings, and beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces for all your events. Located just south of Cincinnati, Ohio, we are a winery wedding destination.

We strive to produce the best tasting
wines for you to enjoy from our
own estate grown grapes.